Koonkee® was born out of Sukanta Basu’s interest for fashion and textile. Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts – « Kala Bhavana » – in Visva Bharati University, West Bengal, Sukanta has been working as a designer in Santiniketan and drawing her own outfits for years. In 2011 she has finally decided to start her own dressline inspired by the luxuriant Bengali nature with a very personal modern touch.

The texture of the textile and its colour are two important things for Koonkee. They are made out of  either pure cotton or silk (which can be raw or refined). Koonkee uses both the power loom and hand loom material, but the emphasis is more on the hand woven ones.

Koonkee proposes mainly dresses with subdude colours and earthen shades; some of the fabrics are dyed with natural colour, prepared from seeds, leaves, flowers, etc.

The clothes are often embellished with needle work done by traditional local embroiders who agreed to adapt their millenary know-how to Sukanta’s imagination. 

Koonkee’s hope is to reach to all kind of customers looking for original designs and high quality cloth offering an “ethnic-chic” character in a well-cut, well-fitting and well-finished dress. Koonkee is not looking for mass production, each piece is unique.

Our clothes are availble for sell in different colours and sizes,

if you are interested in some of our designs please contact us at:



Designs © Sukanta Basu Jurain / Photography © Marie Ghyselinck

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